About me

Hi beautiful! I’m Lori

And I am so happy you’ve been drawn into my orbit

(Picture me beaming in excitement and bundling you up in a warm hug right now. That’s how happy I am.)

I’m a self-love coach on a mission to leave a legacy of love by empowering women to fall deeply, wildly and unconditionally in love with themselves and their lives.

Lori’s Bio

Like you, self-love expert, and co-author, Lori Rempel has seen Self Love defined numerous ways over the years. Is it selfish or foundational? Is it arrogant or necessary?  Does it bring the worst or the BEST out of you?  Can anyone choose and succeed at loving themselves or is it only for the chosen few?
With years of coaching, speaking, and real-life experience, Lori’s message is simple and powerful: Self Love is the foundation of successful relationships. It is available to everyone, and it works. Real, authentic Self Love brings out the best in you and everyone around you.
Lori is known for her practical style of coaching that turns complex into simple. She’s helped people around the world find peace, clarity, self worth through easy-to-use tools and techniques. Lori shares with clients and listeners that Self Love is a moment by moment choice and not about age, colour, race, gender or circumstances. Self Love is for everyone, every day.
As a speaker and a teacher, Lori’s fusion of real-life stories and authentic techniques connect her with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level. She has presented her Self Love message to a variety of groups and has taught numerous workshops, including her first weekend retreat last year. Lori is also extremely excited to be a co-author of a book released October 7th, 2018 titled In the Spirit of Bliss. Contact Lori to get your copy
Before starting her career as a Self Love coach, Lori spent over two decades as a passionate daycare owner, caring for, nurturing and raising the next generation to be loving, kind compassionate, healthy and happy citizens in this amazing world. Switching careers at 55 was no easy feat, but as Lori will tell you, “Who wants easy? I wasn’t looking for easy. I was looking for something that would truly help people… and I believe I have found it.”
As is evident from the moment you meet her, Lori is passionate about Self Love and she wants everyone to experience the positive benefits of truly loving themselves. She measures her success by the growth of her amazing clients and the impact she has on the world around her.

Lori inspired me and helped me to think outside the box.

– Pam, B.C.

A Mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self-esteem.
– Naomi Wolf

Lori helped me to declutter my clouded mind.

– William, Calgary

Why Self-Love?

Let’s dream big for a moment. Here’s what I believe.


I believe that once you discover your worth, you will stop comparing and criticizing yourself. You will discover who you truly are.


Once women start doing this, our men will follow. Our children will follow. The youth of this world will follow. And the world as we know it will transform.


Once there is more self-love, there will be more love for others, more love for this planet’s wellbeing, more love for animals and nature. And once there is more love on this planet, the vibrational energy will change and that will spark positive transformation in every area of the world.


I believe self-love can change the world.


But what IS self-love?


Is it just loving yourself? (Which feels simultaneously overwhelmingly simple and frustratingly complex.)

Well, there are many different categories of self-love.

We have:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Self-appreciation
  • Self-worth
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-respect
  • Self-honesty
  • Self-trust
  • Self-care
  • Self-pleasure

All of which lead into self-love.

But can you imagine what life would feel like if you could embody all of those traits? If you could, truly, experience self-love in every form?

The benefits of Self-Love

I have seen that when you embody self-love, you …


  • Improve your self-esteem because you’re not reliant on the approval and opinion of others.
  • Enhance your self-care because you genuinely want to nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit.
  • Activate your passion because you’re tuning into what you truly want out of life.
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your loved ones because you’re able to show up as your best self.
  • Attract greater joy and abundance into your life by becoming an energetic magnet for love.
  • Improve your daily experience because you’re living a life aligned with what you love.


In short, self-love brings more acceptance, happiness, forgiveness, truth, authenticity, creativity, fulfilled dreams, joy, peace, gratitude and LOVE into this world.


And when we LEAD WITH LOVE we can never go wrong.

Let’s get a little nerdy: The Science of Self-Love

Scientifically, we know self-love is important because it counteracts and combats physiological stress (which is associated with diabetes, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure) by decreasing your cortisol production and increasing oxytocin production.


Oxytocin is the ‘feel good’ or ‘love’ hormone that acts as our body’s stress-fighting superhero.


According to Ohio State University College of Medicine, oxytocin can:


  • Diminish cardiovascular stress.
  • Enhance the immune system (goodbye colds and flus!)
  • Reduce cell death and inflammation.
  • Encourage norepinephrine and dopamine production (both hormones associated with adrenaline), which results in feelings of joy and pleasure.
  • Make you better looking (okay, I made that one up, but you really do look gorgeous with a smile on your face!)


Ready to get started with some self-love?

“Self-love is vital to unleashing your inner power.” Lori Rempel