Let the Self-Love Begin…

Self-love is important to living a healthy, whole and balanced life.  It also influences many of the decisions we make in our everyday lives.  Self-love is about accepting, appreciating and being grateful for who you truly are.  It’s about setting boundaries and knowing when to say NO to others and YES to yourself.  It’s about doing what you love, and doing it as often as you can.  It’s about surrounding yourself with things you love, and being able to look in the mirror and LOVE who you see with all your imperfections and being honest with yourself.

If you have self-love, and your self-love tank is full…

  • You become less judgemental.
  • You tend to know what you think, feel and need with more clarity.
  • You act on your own knowledge and wisdom, rather than that of others.
  • You hear your wise inner voice more clearly.
  • You can forgive yourself, and others more easily.
  • You live more intentionally, mindfully and with purpose and design.

For me practicing self-love means eating nourishing foods, getting plenty of sleep, daily moving, meditating, taking time for myself, doing the things I love, setting healthy boundaries, and keeping a gratitude journal.

The steps I took on my self-love journey included:


  1. Decluttering and organizing my house which gave me amazing energy.
  2. Meditating daily.
  3. Starting a personal journal, writing down my thoughts, positive and negative, and I realized how many negative thoughts I had every day. This led me to start a gratitude journal to help me stay on a positive vibration. Every time my mind wandered to negative thoughts, I thought of something I was grateful for, and the negative thoughts were crowded out by my positive thoughts.


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Lori (Certified Self-Love Coach)

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